Some days the words are slow to form,
and my mind is as empty as the lines
on the waiting pages. Hours pass
before I notice the soft tapping of sleet
against the window, reminding me
of the time I ran across the sidewalk
at grandma’s house, and my foot slipped
on the ice. I hovered parallel to the ground
before crashing hard upon my back.
For a moment I could not catch my breath,
and I blinked in wonder when the stars
watched me gasp for the freezing air.


They say to wish
upon a star,
but how many
no longer burn?
Is the light
we see
an illusion
of hope
that flickered
away thousands
of lifetimes ago?
Can a prayer
survive in space,
or will invisible
energy carry it
forever through
the galaxy
long after
we’re gone?


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elements of loss
scatter throughout
the evening sky,

yet fading stars
pervade our sight.
something shattered

now refurbished
by waves and beams
from another time,

our dismal dark.