Prairie Fire

I remember the smoke
above the horizon,

spreading out until dusk
swallowed it whole.

People stared across
the plain, tested the wind,

wondered which way
the fire would turn.

But I was transfixed
by something invisible

attending to our sorrows.


* This poem is based upon a memory of a prairie fire near Littleton, Colorado when I was three years old. It is one of my earliest memories.

winter offering

the first frozen
day and my whole
world is swallowed
in snow. quiet air
chills my bones
as i draw each breath.


every grey puff
is winter’s sacred
meditation chime,
an invocation
of gratitude as time
fades quickly away.


Special thanks to Jamie Dedes for her Wednesday Writing Prompt. She graciously included winter offering along with the responses from other poets today on her blog, The Poet By Day. If you don’t already follow her, I recommend it.