i dream of magnificent light
pouring through colored windows,
spraying the room with beams
from another world. three children
approach a small table and peer
into a book with moving pictures.
a dragon. then a bear whose strange eyes
can see the future. a cloudy sky with rain
falling on the horizon. after a few
minutes transfixed by the pages,
an old man with one arm enters,
smiles, whispers inaudible words,
and the children become birds that twirl
higher as the stone vault transforms
into an endless springtime sky.


* From Awaiting the Images

the show

we sit inside the car
watching him dance alone
in a field by the school.
one step, then another,
arms up, spinning around,
step again, head nodding.
even from this distance
we see him smile as his
mouth forms words only known
by those who dance in fields
while the world whirls away.

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The Game

We followed him and believed he was unaware
of our presence. Out the front door, across the yard,
then around the corner of the garage. We crept
forward and held our breath, anticipating the moment
we gave ourselves away. But he walked from task
to task, pulling weeds, clipping yellow flowers,
sweeping leaves from the pathway. Then we became
more bold, chuckling quietly to ourselves until,
with one masterful flick of his wrist, the garden
hose sprayed gallons of water into our hiding place,
sending us laughing and screaming across the grass
while he smiled larger than I ever believed possible.